4 product labelling mistakes that cost businesses money

Businesses make costly mistakes when labelling their products, and in this article, we’ll explore four of them.

From incorrect font sizes to not using a clear enough font, with this knowledge, you can quickly and easily correct these mistakes in order to save money and ensure your products are correctly represented.

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  1. Choosing a detailed font

You should avoid choosing fonts with small details or intricate designs for your labels. Such detail can be hard to read and may not show up well on the finished product. Also keep in mind that consumers only spend fractions of a second on skimming your vinyl labels.

If your design is too busy, it will likely not catch their attention, and they will simply move on. So, instead, opt for simple, clean fonts that are easy to read and clearly represent your brand.

  1. Not using their company logo

When you don’t include your company logo on product labels, you’re missing out on a great opportunity to promote your brand. Customers may not be able to easily identify your products or may not remember them as well.

On the other hand, your company logo on product labels is a great way to boost brand awareness and showcase your company’s identity. It creates a visual cue that can either help consumers recognize your brand or remember it for next time.

  1. Selecting the wrong label size

Choosing the wrong label size can greatly impact both your costs and your final product. If labels are too small, they may not fit properly on the product or cover up important information; if they are too large, they can take up valuable space on the product packaging and make it difficult to read other details.

And the most annoying thing? Having to re-order your custom labels at the right size, essentially paying double. Skip all that hassle and measure a) the total size of your product and b) the surface area you want to cover with your labels. This makes sure that your product labels will be in proportion.

  1. Including too much text

While including important information on product labels is essential, it’s also important to keep things concise and avoid adding in unnecessary details. This will help ensure the label is easy to read and customers aren’t overwhelmed by long blocks of text that may not be relevant to them.

You also need to keep in mind that your text needs to be legible. And, in order to be legible, your text needs room. When you are creating product labels, you are usually working with limited space. So be sure to keep the text as concise as possible.

Product labelling and sticker printing can be a tricky process, but by avoiding these four common mistakes, businesses can save time and money. Keep things simple, use your company logo, select the right label size, and include only essential information to ensure your labels are clear and easy to read. Are there more tips we should include? Let us know in the comments.