Sully is a true to life portrayal of  heroic airline pilot Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger and his incredible successful landing of a US Airways  commercial airline full of passengers on the icy Hudson River after both engines were destroyed after they hit birds after taking off. The pilot’s four decades of flying experience and his cool demeanor during a crisis saved 155 people on board.

The movie starts with Sully having a nightmare of a plane crashing into a Manhattan skyscraper which conveys that Sully is human and prone to making mistakes despite his level headedness and cool demeanor during a crisis. The events of the “miracle on the Hudson” was not told straight forward but mixed with fragments and occasional post-traumatic stress the pilot experiences.

While the movie is about a plane disaster, most parts of the movie are dull and slow moving. I was expecting that more of the events during the crash were shown but a lot of the scenes are mostly fillers; that Sully is just human and a lot of scenes during the NTSB investigation. While it is lacking in action and exploding production design, the movie is original and it is worth watching if you have a slow day and nothing else to watch; it is much better than the usual summer movie fare of sequels and remakes packed with lots of actions and explosions for visuals. Sully is not your usual eye candy summer movie. However, if you are using iptv UK, you can find loads of other equally interesting options as per your liking.

Most of the crew gave good performances especially Tom Hank’s measured portrayal of Sully Sullenberger and Laura Linney’s portrayal of the wife Lorrie.

It stars Tom Hanks as Sully, Laura Linney as wife Lorrie, and Aaron Eckhart as the co-pilot. Directed by Clint Eastwood.